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Interview with Pollinate Group, Nepal

Interview with Pollinate Group, Nepal

February 15, 2021

Pollinate Group is our NGO partner located in Nepal. Their mission is to empower women as leaders of change. The aim is to distribute products that improve health and save money for the world’s most neglected communities. They exist to fight gender inequality, poverty, and energy access. 

We have conducted a detailed interview with them, check it out below: 

What kind of impact do you want to see?

– Pollinate Group empowers women as leaders of change to distribute products that improve health, save time and save money for the world’s most neglected communities. We envision a world where women are equipped to lead their communities out of poverty. Through this project, Pollinate Group will identify and provide Entrepreneurship Development training to 20 marginalised rural women and girls who dropped out of school due to financial situation or early marriage in Nepal to enable them to start their micro-venture and become successful entrepreneurs.

What inspired you to start this project?

– Women/ girls who dropped out of school due to financial situations or early marriage in rural Nepal don’t get much opportunity to further their education and lack income due to limited qualifications. This inspired us to equip such rural women and girls with skills required to run a small business so that they become financially independent and seen as a change agent in their communities.

What are the immediate struggles you are currently facing? 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought Pollinate Group’s sales, programs and operations to a standstill for six months in 2020 which affected our organisation’s ability to raise the revenue and funding we needed to achieve our 2020 impact goals. With the loss of our revenue from our sales and programs due to ongoing travel and mobility restrictions in the communities in which we work, Pollinate Group requires direct investment and support to enable us to achieve our ambitious, yet achievable, goals in 2021 to develop and train 1,000 women to become entrepreneurs. 

What are the long-term goals you would like to see completed? 

Pollinate Group has recently developed an ambitious five-year plan to scale our activities and impact rural communities in Nepal and urban slum communities in India between 2021 and 2025. By 2025, we aim to empower 10,000 women from low-income and marginalised communities to become entrepreneurs who can reach over 10 million customers by selling 1.5 million affordable and life-improving clean energy and household products. We will enable people from marginalised communities to save time, save money, improve their livelihoods, and eventually move out of poverty through our efforts.

What is a message you would like to tell donors? 

Pollinate Group is committed to working with the neglected and marginalised women and communities who no one else is working. We are committed to empowering and upskilling women from local communities who have not had opportunities to receive formal training or skills development in the past. Pollinate Group is committed to working with these women for the long-term and providing them with a range of training, support and guidance to enable them to become changemakers in their communities and contribute to positive change in their communities in the long-term. A donation to Pollinate Group would allow you to support the empowerment of our women entrepreneurs and contribute to long-term change within her entire community.

What are your thoughts on WeBeliev?

We feel that WeBeliev is doing a very noble cause for helping organisations in different countries support education and skill enhancement. The kind of impact their support will create is vast.


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