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8 Tips for Teachers to Engage with Students

8 Tips for Teachers to Engage with Students

March 9, 2021

Teachers have one of the most critical and challenging roles in society. They are responsible for shaping children’s lives. With the amount of hard work that teachers do and the obstacles they face, we decided to dedicate this blog to the wonderful teachers of the world! 

We have gathered 8 tips for teachers that will help them engage with their students in creative and fun ways. We all know that children need entertainment and material to captive them, so we hope that teachers get some useful tips and tricks. 

  1. Set Rules for the Classroom

We have to start with the tough one first! Setting rules for the classroom. The “fun” teacher is definitely the most popular amongst students but then things get out of control and you have a rowdy classroom to take care of. Have a few set rules for the classroom, not strict or enforcing ones but simple things so the children will be respectful and listen. 

  1. Individually Acknowledge Your Students Every day. 

This may be a bit of a difficult tip but students love to stand out from the crowd. Learn all of their names and individually and greet them every day. The bond that you create with this simple tip will go a long way. The children will respect you more and with that, they will be more inclined to listen to you when you give them tasks or commands. 

  1. Address the Class Only When They Are All Quiet 

It does take time to quiet down a class, we all know that. But never explain things or give students tasks when they are distracted and talking. Even if it is a few children talking and the rest are engaged, make sure the entire class is quiet and listening. Only then you can start to speak. This way, you know that everyone has heard you and are ready to do the tasks at hand. 

  1. Use Visual Cues 

When you explain tasks, make sure you use visual cues to engage with your students. Pictures, hand gestures, and more. Children tend to get distracted while you speak so visual cues can keep them engaged and happy to listen to you! 

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  1. Establish Steady Chores 

Don’t let your children take you for granted; once they are old enough, have them help out around the house. It can be simple things like making their beds, helping set the table, or even helping walk the dog! You can even start a reward system where they get small treats for finishing up their chores every week. 

  1. Brief Students Properly

A lot of teachers make the mistake of handing out study materials and then just starting to teach. The following tip is a great way to make sure your students learn to their full potential. Make sure your students know what they are about to learn and why. How it will benefit them and the purpose of the study material. Only when every one is on the same page, then start teaching! 

  1. Reward the Good, Don’t Punish the Bad 

A balance is the best way to go. Instead of only punishing the students who are bad, try a different approach. Reward the students when they do good. The other students will automatically want to also do good so they have a sense of accomplishment when they are rewarded. Of course, if a student is really misbehaving, don’t be afraid to punish them and also explain why they are receiving said punishment. 

  1. Plan Field Trips & Fun Days 

Don’t be that teacher who never does anything fun! Take studies seriously but also make sure to give your students days where you do something fun. Plan field trips, educational ones! Have movie days or days where your students can bring in snacks from their home countries. Keep the school year fun and engaging with these little quirky days. 

We hope you enjoyed our little tips! If you would like to see more content like this, go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter!


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