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8 Best Netflix Shows For Kids

8 Best Netflix Shows For Kids

November 21, 2020

Netflix is a blessing in… not so disguise? One of the most popular streaming services around. The best part? Their list is extensive for Netflix shows for kids.

Especially when it comes to Netflix shows for kids. They have an entire section dedicated to entertaining and amazing family shows. We have collected a list of the 8 best shows on Netflix that your child will love! These are the best shows for kids that will have them enthralled and excited. 

1. Sofia the first

Sofia the First is a show about a brave and determined young girl who discovers that she is in fact, royalty! Your child will learn lessons while watching this show such as what it means to take responsibility for things and how to deal with change. 

2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

I’m sure many of you remember The Magic School Bus. This is one show that most of us loved as children. It hits many lessons including things about science and the world around us. Hop on the magic school bus and let your child ride their way to entertainment city! 

  1. Brainchild 

We all love Bill Nye the Science Guy, here is introducing Brainchild. An enthusiastic host, a plethora of science, and never-ending entertainment! This is one of those shows where your kid gets to have fun and learn things as well. 

  1. The Who Was? Show

Let’s throw in some history in the mix! This show is actually based on the book series “Who Was…?” Chronicles of the life of every notable historical figure. This TV show adaptation brings an animated musical twist to everything. Catchy tunes? Check. History lesson? Double check! 

  1. Nailed It! 

A reality tv show that teaches children how to laugh at bad situations! This show pits bakers against one another in the funniest way possible. You have amateur bakers competing to create hilarious baked goods like desserts that resemble famous figures. Family friendly fun, all in one! 

  1. The Hollow 

Here is a show that brings you Stranger Things vibes but a show that your kids can watch. The Hollow follows 3 kids who wake up in a different and dangerous world. The gang has to solve puzzles and test their wit to survive this strange new world. 

  1. PJ Masks

Superheroes have conquered pop culture over the past decade. It’s no wonder that superhero shows for children are now being created! PJ Masks follows 3 superheroes that fight crime in their pyjamas/superhero outfits. 

  1. Charlie’s Colorforms City

This show is aimed towards early childhood development. Charlie is a boy aimed at solving life’s little problems. He builds things with shapes like rockets and more for his friends. This show will teach your child how imagination can solve a lot of problems! 

If you are looking for a new Netflix series for your child to watch then definitely check out one of these from our list! Wholesome fun that can teach your kids life lessons, all while keeping them entertained


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